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Customer Health Score


For any company, understanding customer health and loyalty is of paramount importance. A customer health score (CHS) allows you to assess the current state of your customer relationships in order to make informed decisions about how to best serve them.


A customer health score (CHS) is an index that measures the strength of customer relationships, providing insight into how healthy a relationship is. This score combines different data points such as customer engagement, brand loyalty, purchase history and more into one metric that can be used to understand the overall health of customers. This metric is typically measured on a scale from 0-100 with higher scores indicating higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The primary use of a CHS is to measure the overall health of your customers and their loyalty towards your brand. By understanding where each individual customer stands on the scale, you can determine which customers are most likely to remain loyal or which ones may need extra attention in order to maintain their loyalty. This information can then be used by marketing teams to develop targeted campaigns for each segment of customers, ensuring that their needs are met and that they remain loyal to your brand. Additionally, understanding the overall trends in CHS scores can help provide insights into areas where you may need additional focus in order to improve customer relations or increase sales.

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