Looker Integration

Leverage LookML beyond building dashboards.

Seamlessly build metrics using measures and dimensions from your LookML models.

Reduce your onboarding time by 90% using Looker.

Utilize the systems you’ve already built

Leverage the richness of your LookML to build centralized metrics that measure your business.

Use Looker measures and dimensions to build time-series metrics that measure the performance of teams and individuals.
Your BI tools - integrated into Push

Drive traffic and engagement with existing BI assets to deliver more value.

Attach Looker Dashboards as PDFs or use buttons that guide users to the right place for deeper analysis.
Measurable value

Achieve data ROI through distributing metrics to the places where teams can collaborate and take action.

Metrics and Dimensions are instantly available in the Push Report builder allowing you to easily distribute data to channels, teams and individuals.
“Bringing our LookML into Push was an easy way to increase visibility and engagement with what we had already built.”
Michelle Ballen-Griffin
Head of Data