dbt Integration

Experience the next generation of data applications; Powered by the dbt Semantic Layer.

Instantly integrate metrics and dimensions from your dbt Cloud semantic models.

Deliver your first report in just two minutes.

Seamless Integration

Instantly leverage your semantic layer to power complex data applications.

Our integration process imports all available metrics and dimensions modeled in the dbt Semantic Layer.
Everything you need - in one place

One single source that remains consistent, zero management required.

Leverage Push without the need to manage queries or definitions in multiple places.
Measurable value

Achieve data ROI through distributing metrics to the places where teams collaborate and take action.

Metrics and dimensions are instantly available in the Push Report builder allowing you to easily distribute data to channels, teams and individuals.
“Push.ai connects directly to our semantic models, eliminating the need for additional derived tables that we had to build for other tools.”
Ryan Nicholas
Director of Business Intelligence

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