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Push.ai is a product built to help all companies realize the potential of their data. We love helping companies design the metric systems and automating their monitoring.

We believe that data solutions can be both practical and magical, allowing teams to find the clues that unlock the next big innovation and drive more value for customers.


Quality first. All projects are backed by our fanatic support & 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Single point of contact, in sync with the tools you use. We speak your language.

Customer Focus

We keep our promises, provide upfront timelines and bring predictability.


What we believe in matters

Position before the wave

Riding any wave of any size requires us to position before the wave breaks. We have to keep our eyes up for the trends and signals that will allow us to get up onto the wave and ride it as far as it'll take us. We help our teams stay ahead of the wave and make it easy for them be in the best position possible.

Documents are sacred

Reading and writing allow us to move faster. Whether it's reading and learning from research, textbooks or general fiction, there's someone who's probably thought deeply about this problem we can learn from. We also contribute back to our internal and external stakeholders by writing and sharing what we learn to help everyone achieve success.

Honesty and kindness
always win

A culture of feedback needs a foundation of kindness. We believe that openness and transparency promotes the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build a better workplace and happier team members.

Leave room for magic

We’re flexible and give our team a lot of freedom, starting from choosing a place and time for work, to encouraging new skills, even beyond the scope of daily routines. Believe it or not, this can be a challenge because being independent means taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

Celebrate diversity,
focus on inclusion

We've always wanted to go beyond creating a product to building a culture that's open, free, creative, bold, safe and easy-going for everyone. Not just a great workplace for employees, but for people. Our doors are wide open to everyone who wants to create good things, develop this place and be at home. Be yourself.


The People Behind Push.ai

Britton Stamper

Britton is the CTO of Push.ai and oversees Product, Design, and Engineering. He's been a passionate builder, analyst and designer who loves all things data products and growth. You can find him reading books at a coffee shop or finding winning strategies in board games and board rooms.

Zach Mandell

Zach is the CEO of Push.ai. He's been an engineer, data analyst and loves building whether it is with his hands or on the keyboard. You can find him surfing the Pacific coast of Mexico, or looking for the best spot in town for a loaf of sourdough.

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