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Automatically analyze all your metrics for important trends, projections and outliers. Share them with relevant team members so that key insights are never missed.

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Automated metrics monitoring

Insights For All Metrics

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Add Metrics

Add metrics definitions from your source of truth, connecting to data warehouses and models

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Create Reports

Setup reports for Slack or email, allowing anyone to subscribe to relevant metrics and insights

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Receive Insights

Get AI-powered insights about your metrics to understand important trends and outliers

Explore Insights
Update your team on all changes in your metrics

Stop wasting time with dashboards

diagnose Changes

Quickly see what's happening in your metrics and then drill into more details with dimensional analysis

send reports

Share metric reports with your broader team or allow them to subscribe to metrics and dimensions relevant to them

spot top movers

Sort your metric changes by the biggest changes in your business and filter to the most meaningful data points

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data-driven decisions
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Keep teams on the pulse of your business

Setup the metrics and insights reporting that allows your team to know when important shifts are happening so that they can respond as soon as possible

" keeps everyone in my company informed of key metric changes"

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real-time updates

Get notified in the channels you work

Purpose-built for Slack and email so that you receive updates where you collaborate

Customize messages for each team and user

Interactive buttons and links for analysis

Collaborate in threads to drive action

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Import directly from your source of truth

Connect to your modern data stack and leverage existing data warehouses, modeling and Semantic Layer to create metric definitions

"We were able to import our dbt metrics and get set up in minutes"

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Growth Operations manager @Gorgias
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