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First Response Time


First response time is a key metric when measuring customer service performance. It reflects how quickly customers receive an initial response from support personnel or agents. Understanding first response time is essential when measuring customer service performance and gauging customer satisfaction levels. When done correctly, having a good FRT score can lead to improved engagement rates between customers and agents while driving up efficiency on the back end as well! So make sure you are tracking this metric closely so that you can continually improve your customer service experience.


First response time (FRT) measures the average amount of time it takes for agents to respond to customer inquiries after they are received. It is calculated by taking the total number of incoming inquiries and dividing it by the total number of responses within a given timeframe. This metric reflects your team's efficiency in responding to customer queries, as well as how quickly they can initiate conversations with customers. The faster they can respond, the higher their FRT score will be.


Your FRT score has implications for both your organization’s overall performance and customer satisfaction levels. If your team responds quickly, customers will feel more valued and supported than if there were long wait times for responses. Additionally, quick responses show customers that your organization values their opinion and feedback, which leads to higher engagement rates in the long term. Finally, reducing response times also boosts efficiency on the agent side—fewer emails need to be sent out per day per agent if they can get through all their messages in less time!

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