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Customer Acquisition Cost


The customer acquisition cost (CAC) for a business is the amount of money spent to acquire a new customer. As businesses grow, understanding CAC becomes an essential part of their operations. By understanding CAC, companies can make informed decisions about how to spend their money and allocate resources most effectively. Let’s take a closer look at what CAC is and why it matters for businesses.


Calculating your company’s customer acquisition cost is relatively straightforward. Start by taking the total costs associated with acquiring new customers—including marketing costs, sales costs, employee salaries, and other overhead expenses—and divide that figure by the total number of customers acquired in that period. This will give you an average cost per customer.For example, if you spend $$1,000 on marketing and acquire 10 customers in that time period, your CAC would be $$100 ($$1,000/10). Keep in mind that this calculation should take place over a single period of time so that you have an accurate reflection of your costs for comparison purposes. It's also important to note that customer acquisition costs can vary significantly depending on the industry and target market size.


Knowing your customer acquisition cost helps you make more informed decisions around budgeting and resource allocation, both now and in the future. For example, if you find that your current CAC is higher than expected or higher than what's considered “normal” within your industry, you may need to adjust your spending or re-evaluate how you're allocating resources. Additionally, tracking customer acquisition costs over time can help identify trends or points of interest regarding where best to invest company funds in order to bring in new customers more efficiently and effectively.

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