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Average Order Value


Average Order Value (AOV) is an important metric for understanding customer behavior and how it impacts overall sales. By tracking this data over time and using it to inform decisions about marketing campaigns and product development strategies, Heads of Data can leverage this information to drive more profitable outcomes for their businesses. With this knowledge in hand, you’re now better equipped with the tools necessary to optimize your digital operations!


Average Order Value measures the average dollar amount each customer spends when they place an order from your store. It’s calculated by dividing the total sales for a given period of time by the number of orders or customers during that same period. This data helps to give you an idea of how much money each customer is spending on average when making purchases from your store.


AOV is a valuable metric for understanding customer behavior and how it impacts overall sales. It gives you insight into which products are selling well, who your most profitable customers are, and which marketing channels are driving higher spending customers. In addition, tracking AOV over time can help to identify trends in customer behavior that may indicate changes in purchasing habits or preferences. This data can then be used to fine-tune strategies for improving customer engagement and increasing sales. Knowing what AOV measures is only half the battle—the other half involves putting that knowledge into action by using it to inform decisions about marketing campaigns, product development, pricing changes, etc. For example, if you notice that certain products have higher AOVs than others, you might consider running promotions targeting those products or increasing their prices if possible. Additionally, if certain marketing channels appear to be generating more high-value customers than others, those channels should be prioritized as part of future campaigns in order to maximize return on investment (ROI).

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