Metrics by Department


Active User
an individual who interacts with your platform in some way within a certain time period.
Net Promoter Score
asking customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 0-10, with 10 being extremely satisfied and 0 being completely unsatisfied.
Average Revenue per User
divide total revenue by the total number of users during a given period of time.
Customer Lifetime Value
the total amount of money that a customer will spend at your business over the course of their entire life as your customer.
Product Qualified Lead
a lead that has been identified as having the potential to become a customer as a result of product usage.
Customer Health Score
an index that measures the strength of customer relationships, providing insight into how healthy a relationship is.
Customer Satisfaction Score
an objective measure of how satisfied customers are with their overall experience with a company or product.
Activation Rate
the number of customers who actually make use of a product or service after they purchase it.
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