Metrics by Department


Response Rate
how many people responded to a campaign, relative to how many were exposed to it.
Open Rate
how many people have viewed or opened an email sent out by you or your company.
Marketing Originated Customer Percentage
the percentage of customers who were acquired through marketing activities.
Funnel Conversion Rate
the percentage of visitors who convert into customers after they have interacted with your website or product page.
Return on Ad Spend
the total revenue generated from an advertising campaign and dividing it by the amount spent on that particular campaign.
Marketing Qualified Lead
a potential customer who has shown enough interest in your product or service that you have deemed them a good fit for further sales communication.
Page Views
the amount of times a single web page has been viewed by visitors.
used to measure the number of times a piece of content or advertisement appears on a user's screen.
Click Through Rate
How often users click on a link in relation to the total number of times that link was viewed.
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