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Receive messages and emails on critical insights such as trends, projections, outliers, highs, lows and much, much more for all your metrics

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What we do

Use powerful AI technology to find major insights in your data

Trends, Projections, and More

Algorithms search your metrics for insights that may impact your business

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Sent to Slack and Email

Messages and emails get sent to team members to collaborate on data-driven action

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your metrics

Go from 0 to 100% metric coverage in minutes with our recommended insight settings

Detect outlier points

Identify valuable patterns

Receive curated insights

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Detect unexpected values

Learn when metrics behave out of normal bounds so that your team can investigate the cause and reinforce positive events or reduce negative events


Spot changes in the direction of your KPI

Receive trend notifications on your metrics to make sure you're heading in the right direction or need adjust the course

Detection of minor and major trends

Exact dates that a change point occurred

Connect trends to business events

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Forecast business results

Hit your goals more reliably by getting early detection for where your metrics will likely land. Use this information to determine where your teams are off track and act to correct.

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